We are Antiques Marketer, and we seek to teach you more about history through the medium of highly exclusive antiques and historical objects. Most of the objects here are for sale. Please don’t hesitate to ask.

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If you are interested in purchasing something, please give a call or a text to +19036006372 , which is also the number for a quite extraordinary personal assistant firm. We are a broker, and our job is to educate the client about the objects they are interested in. The object is shipped directly from the broker to you, and when we’re responsible for the object’s safety we make sure the dealer goes above and beyond their normal shipping methods, using some propietary shipping processes.

What sets us apart is customer service, because when you buy from us we will do everything in our considerable power to make your life a happier one. Our core business is personal assistance online and through the phone, which means that our job is customer service. Anything you do not need to be there in person for, we can do.